Title: A Boy and His Blob
Prodocer: Absolute
Date: 1989

My first encounter with this game was way back in 89, at the local video store. I rented it, but I could only go so far. I ran out of god forsaken jellybeans. Hell, I had trouble walking down stairs. Even more, I missed watching the Ninja Turtles cartoon for this. I was pissed. And I had reason to be. This game blows goats. Graphics- first generation quality. They look about as good as 10 Yard Fight- but that came out 6 years earlier. The same music loops through the entire game. It's supposed to be educational, but I'm not sure what there's to learn about stuffing a blob with jellybeans. Avoid this one, or get it for a younger sibling as a cheap gift.
Graphics: 3
Sound: 1
Gameplay: 5
Replay Value: 1
Fun-ometer: 1
Overall: 2

10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
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