-=|Glossary of Evangelion Terms|=-


Evangelion NERV SEELE Angels
Three Magi The Children Marduke Institute Second Impact
Third Impact Adam Lillith Lillum
Lancea Longinous AT Field S2 Organ Geherin
Dead Sea Scrolls Entry Plug Dummy Plug System Black Moon

EVANGELION: An Evangelion is a gigntic bio-mechanical creature. It is later revealed that the Evangelions (More commonly referred to as Evas) are actually humans formed from the first angel. Although sentient, it appears that the Evas need pilots for them to operate. The three main Evas are Units 0, 1, 2, and 3. The Evas are modeled after four Barons of Hell from Judeo-Christian mythology. One was said to have but one large eye, (Unit 0) another with a single horn upon it's head (Unit 1), another which was blood red with four eyes and two jaws (Unit 2), and a fourth which was pitch black and had exceedingly long arms. (Unit 3)

NERV: NERV, lead by Gendou Ikari, is the organization which controls and monitors the Evas. NERV is also involved with SEELE for reasons unknown. The NERV headquarters, although established in Germany, is located in an underground GeoFront under Japan.

SEELE: SEELE controls what goes on inside NERV. A very secretive organization, only Gendou Ikari knows what's going on. SEELE is also in control of the Human Instrumentality Project, which appears to be working on evolution options, trying to form a new god.

ANGELS: Angels (Shito) are supposedly messangers from God, ushering mankind into a new frontier. Immune to standard weaponry, only NERV's Evas can stop them. There are 13 Angels, each being more dangerous than the last. The final being Shinji's friend, Kaworu Nagisa, a creature that blurs the line between Angel and human.

MAGI: The Magi is a system of three computers which are used for intelligence at NERV. The Magi Casper, Belthasar, and Melchior. Designed by Ritsuko's mother, the different Magi represent her as a woman, a mother, and a scientist.

THE CHILDREN: The codenames for the Eva pilots are the First Child, Second Child, Third Child, Fourth Child, and the Fifth Child. The children's true names are, in order, Rei Ayanami, Asuka Langley-Soryhou, Shinji Ikari, Toji Suzuhara, and Kaoru Nagisa. Each is around 14 years old, which has some connection to the time the Second Impact occurred.

MARDUKE INSTITUTE: This is the organization which selects the Children. It is later learned that Marduke doesn't exist, and that it was a fabrication of NERV.

SECOND IMPACT: In the year 2000, a frozen Angel was found buried in the arctic. During research, the Angel detonated, causing a series of floods and explosions. Half of the world's population was killed off during this time. The UN tried to cover this up by saying it was a meteorite, dubbing it the "Second Impact". (The first was probably the meteor which wiped the dinosaurs out) 15 years later, the Angels are coming back and are looking for Adam.

THIRD IMPACT: SEELE believed that this would occur if an alien Angel were to come in contact with Adam, which was kept buried in the ground. Not true. The Third Impact actually occurred because NERV was around Adam the whole time.

ADAM: The first Angel. Adam is being kept in NERV headquarters, frozen in a shrunken state. It appears that Adam brought forth the second Angel, Lillith, to free itself, but failed. See, there's a connection here. Adam, Eve, Lillith... Adam, Eva, Lillum...

LILLITH: The second Angel. Lillith was stopped with the Lancea Longinus.

LILLUM: Kaworu's name for humans. This leads us to believe that Lillith and Adam are actually what humans are made from; these are the higher life forms which gave us life. However, much like other NGE mysteries, this is never answered.

LANCEA LONGINUS: This is the Eva's ultimate weapon. Capable of destroying an Angel instantly, it is kept pierced in the chest of the crucified Lillith. Possibly named after Jesus' harpooner, Longinus.

AT FIELD: The telekinetic shield which prevents weapons from harming the Angels. Kaworu explains that the AT Field is actually "the light of the soul, protecting the bearer from harm" This explains why the thinking Evas have one while other brand robots, such as Jet Alone, don't.

S2 ORGAN: This is the equivalent of a heart for the Angels. With this, the Angels have limitless power. Evangelion Unit 1 takes an S2 organ into itself, creating a god-like entity.

GEHERIN: This was the company which would later become NERV. Geherin was in charge of Project E, or the construction of the first Eva. When it became NERV, all employees, mainly Gendou and Yui Ikari, Dr. Akagi, and Professor Fuyutski, transferred, and the project was dropped for bigger and better things.

DEAD SEA SCROLLS: These are the documents which SEELE chooses it's actions. They predicted the development of the Evas and all of the Angels.

ENTRY PLUG: This is where the Eva pilot is located in the Evangelion. The plug translates the user's actions into the Eva's movements.

DUMMY PLUG SYSTEM: This is a fake Entry Plug which emulates the actions of a pilot. At first, most believed that the Dummy Plugs simply held a program, it is revealed that they contain a Rei Ayanami clone, bred to fight.

BLACK MOON: The source of all life, Lillith's egg. This is actually the hollowed out cavern where NERV headquarters is located. Thus the statement: "What was once God's domain has become NERV's playground"