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Shinji Ikari
Rei Ayanami
Misato Katsuragi
Asuka Langley-Soryhou
Gendou Ikari
Ritsuko Akagi
Commander Fuyutski
Yui Ikari
Toji Suzuhara
Kensuke Aida
Ryoji Kaji
Pen Pen

SHINJI IKARI: The main character of the Evangelion series and the pilot of Unit 1. Shinji's mother, Yui, died during an accident while testing the first Evangelion, way back in '02. Shinji later ran from his father, Gendou, and lived with his teacher for several years. Now, after being summoned to join NERV, Shinji bunks out with Misato Katsuragi and PenPen. Shinji attends school along with Asuka, Rei, Kensuke, and Toji. Shinji is quite shy, and only befriends a few people, mainly Toji, Kensuke, and Kaworu. Shinji really snaps after being forced to fight and destroy Kaworu and Toji. It appears as if Shinji and Asuka are a couple, but both deny it.
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REI AYANAMI: This is a confusing one. First, we know that Gendou Ikari's wife Yui perished because of an Eva accident. So, Gendou took it upon himself to create a child in Yui's likeness. This child is Rei. Now, as if things aren't confusing enough, Rei is actually the third "Rei". Yep, there's a series of her. They are kept in an under ground lab. The different Reis are used in the Dummy Plug system. Rei seems to lack emotions, probably because she is actually a soul shoved within a random body. Some classmates think she has a crush on Shinji, but that's real bad. Because she was made with Shinji's mom's DNA, having a crush on him is incest or something.
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MISATO KATSURAGI: Misato is the head of tactics at NERV. Her father worked at the site of the first Angel, and was killed during the Second Impact. Misato has vowed to kill off every Angel so that she can avenge her dad. Misato was close friends with Ritsko Akagi, but the friendship wanes when Ritsuko hides secrets about NERV, such as clones of Rei and the first Angel. Misato is, or was, dating Kaji for years. Sadly, Kaji was found to be a government interloper, and was assassinated. Misato has taken over his work, and is watering his melon garden. Misato lives with Shinji and her warm water penguin, PenPen.

ASUKA LANGLEY-SORYHOU The third pilot. Asuka's mother commited suicide in an insane asylum. She devoted her entire life to the Evangelion project, but when she tried to synchronize with one, she failed and snapped. Asuka's foster parents nearly abandoned her, as she was too adult-like. Now, Asuka is unable to cry, and the idea of her losing infuriates her. So much so that when she loses three consecutive battles, she goes over the edge. She is now in an asylum, as her mother was.
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GENDOU IKARI Shinji's father and husband of Yui, Gendou is also head of NERV. Gendou abandoned Shinji when he was a young child, and devoted his life to Rei. Gendou calls his son back for the sole purpose of piloting an Eva.

RITSUKO AKAGI: The main technician of NERV. Close friend of Misato's, but near the end, both betray each other and break the friendship off. Ritsuko's mother is the one who designed the MAGI system. Ritsuko is not currently involved in any relationship.
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COMMANDER FUYUTSKI: Fuyutski is Gendou Ikari's right hand man. Before meeting up with Gendou, Fuyutski was a professor at a local high school. He then meets up with Yui Ikari when a fellow teacher advises him to look at some of her papers. Yui is actually the reason Gendou and Fuyutski met. Yui suggested that he go bail Gendou out from jail. Gendou and Fuyutski started working together in the Arctic, working on the Angel incident.

YUI IKARI: Yui Ikari, mother of Shinji and husband of Gendou. Yui was killed during a freak accident when Unit 1 was being tested. The mishap that occured is unknown, but it appears that Yui's soul is somehow assisting Shinji from inside the Eva. Yui is also the base human which was used to form Rei.

TOJI SUZUHARA: Toji is Shinji's classmate, and later, a fellow Eva pilot. However, an Angel combined with Toji's Eva, and Shinji was forced to nearly kill both Toji and Eva Unit 3. Toji plays basketball and is friends with Kensuke.
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KENSUKE AIDA: Shinji's and Toji's close friend. Kensuke is a millitary fanatic. He dreams of piloting an Eva. Enjoys camping out in the wilderness.

RYOJI KAJI: Kaji is a secret government interloper designated to keep track of ADAM and find out about Gendou Ikari's hidden agenda. Kaji has been Misato's boyfriend since college, and tends to a melon patch in is backyard. Misato is heart broken when Kaji is assassinated by NERV security. Kaji also attended to Pen Pen when Shinji and Misato are away.

PEN PEN: Pen Pen, the warm water penguin. Pen Pen (Or Penē) lives with Asuka, Shinji, and Misato. When Tokyo 3 is destroyed by the sixteenth Angel, Misato fears for Pen Pen's safety, and has him go live with the Hiraki family. Pen Pen lives in a refrigerator and reads the morning paper. Eats fish and chugs beer.
penpen the almighty