The Game of Champions

Everyone remembers Excitebike! My first time was back in 1988... and I've been in love ever since. So deceptively simple, yet actually so intricately woven. Excitebike cannot be played, it is to be experienced. Many believe it is simply a racing game, but it is much, much more. With an exotic cast of characters and secret moves abound, Excitebike is a game which will keep you up at night, wondering just how much faster you can go.



The Masked Rider

No one knows why the mysterious Red Racer joined the Excitebike Super Mega League (ESML). Perhaps he is searching for his long lost brother, or fighting to win his grandfather's kidney back from the Mafia. However, we have been able to gather some other information on the Masked Rider: he chooses to wear a red mask (of death, perhaps) and is quite mysterious. Most players play as the Masked Rider, before learning of the Super Mega Happy Code.

The Purple Menace

The Purple Menace wishes to win the Excitebike tournament for his own selfish purposes. He plans to use the money to start an orphanage for abandoned puppies; most likely maniacal puppies. He enjoys long walks on the beach and is looking for a BiWF, well built, looking for long relationship. Extension #703.

The Turquoise Haze

Turquoise Haze is the prankster of the group. He has been known to tie shoe laces together at the most inappropriate of times. He is quite a festive dresser, choosing from a large wardrobe of mu-mus and Turquoise bike suits. He generally chooses the latter. He is also the creator of the widely used stunt, the "Lean Too Far Back and Fall on Your Ass"

The Heckling Announcers

The Heckling Announcers are at the ESML for one purpose: to announce with hecklege. Obviously, the left one, commonly known as "Lefty" is more popular with the fans. He wears a reversed hat and is apparently trying to breakdance. The one on right, or "Righty", used to be an NFL announcer, only he was kicked out after battling over the last Thanksgiving drumstick with John Madden.

The Lone Camera Man

The Lone Camera Man lives a life of solitude and righteousness. However, it is rumored that there is some connection with his taping of sexy cheerleaders and his frequent bathroom visits. Whatever the reason, he gets the job done. He is the master of the Zoom, the Pan, and the Stand-Still.

Casper, the Friendly Post

Casper assists all players on their journey. He informs racers that they cannot leave the track by brutally tripping and/or maiming them. Through this brutally, though, is a strong sense of justice. He can be seen in the full-page spread of the March, 1985 issue of Wood Block Monthly.

The Gauge Family

The Gauge's come from a long line of clocks and speedometer, and have relatives in such games as Rad Racer and Gran Turismo. They are very modest folks, choosing to sit at the bottom of the screen, so as not to block anyone's view. If you ever want to know the time or the Temp, you see the Gauges.


Tips and Tricks