The Others- The Sequel
Some of these date back from last May. So sorry for developing film in bulk. Still, the goods are very much awesome- there are some definite keepers in this batch. Hope you have some good times sifting through them.


A Description! A Demonstration!
The most awesome battery in the world!
Holy crap, it's me on the back of an SUV. I bet I was planning to pee on it when I was done. Bryan, get a better car.
Sarah took this one while I was somewhere else, on the back of an SUV. It's Chris, in a bush. That's about it. He's in a bush.
Very random photo. Just us sitting at a football game. Really, that's it. Mark's looking pretty good though.
Jesus H. Christ- it's Jessica Simpson. And her boyfriend. Behind a wall of security. I guess it'd be pretty rad if you actually had a thing for either of them, but it's just a pretty weird picture for me to look at. It's ok, Shannon, it's not your fault.
Matt and Nick, at the most awesome dance of all time. There must be an ovary shortage, or something.
Judging from Mike's face, Sarah had a pretty wild birthday party. I bet it was a Hawaiian theme, too.
Here's Scott, impressing us with how well an 11 year old can play drums. It's pretty amazing, really. Look at the cool motion blur on his drum stick.
Percy in Baltimore: preparing to do battle, seafood ballet in hand.
Percy in Baltimore: Percy goes toe-to-toe with his nefarious enemy, um, a crab.
Percy in Baltimore: Utter waste.
Percy in DC: Awww, it's Percy and a gorilla. It's so adorable.
Me, Murph, and Stomp at the band show. I guess we all volunteered. I don't really remember all that much.
Sarah and I prepare to leap to the school roof. Shhhhh! Don't tell!
Me hanging from a window, for dear life.
Me behind the school's satellite dish. It's a pretty cool picture. This might become the splashpage to somday.
Mike and Matt, menage Cody.
Awww, Sarah and Nick and Percy.
Percy in DC: A big honkin' scorpion.
Awesome, totally awesome! Mrs. Rock Savior and Percy, at the car wash.
Percy at the Carwash: For every Mrs. Macuga, there's five jerks who complain about you screwing up while washing. Dude, you get what you pay for.
Percy in front of the very best booth at the Woodstock Fair. Toilet humor is always good for a laugh.
Shannon and Nicole, looking all Hawaiian and stuff.
I dunno, Shannon took this one. Just some dudes at a concert. They're definitely up to no good.
Stylin' Jim P. and Percy- no way!