The Great Unknown

Confused by Evangelion? You're not alone, my good friend. Here's what I know about the stuff in Evangelion that goes unexplained.

THE DUMMY PLUG SYSTEM: This is an artificial brain in a tube, which is supposed to go on without an actual pilot present. In Rei Ayanami's case, there's a Rei clone in every tube. Shinji's Eva won't accept a Dummy Plug, as will be explained later. Askua never uses a Dummy Plug at all.

WHY DOES SHINJI'S EVA GO NUTSO?: Shinji's Eva is the most powerful Evangelion. It not only accepts commands from Shinji, but when Shinji gets in trouble, the Eva can fight without the pilot ordering it to do so. This is because Shinji's mother's soul is in the Eva. More on this later. When the Evangelion goes crazy, the attack it starts is accomplished in a "Berserker Mode", or when Shinji has no control over it. Two out of the three times the Eva goes nuts, Shinji is saved and an Angel is destroyed. However, on the third time, the Eva destroy's Touji's Evangelion and entry plug, which cripples Touji.

WHAT IS SEELE?: SEELE is the organization which provides funding for NERV and the Human Instrumentality Project. SEELE is also behind the cover up for the Second Impact.

WHAT'S UP WITH REI?: Rei is a clone of Shinji's mother. Obviously, it's more of a human based on the DNA of Shinji's mom. And her emotions aren't really emotions, they're just made up. She doesn't really know who or what she is either.

IS KAWAROU GAY?: A stirring question indeed. The episode with Kawarou hit Japan like Ellen DeGeneres. See, I'm not sure if he is or isn't. First of all, his speech is kind of wonky, so maybe it lost something in the translation. But, he clearly says "I'm saying I love you" to Shinji. And also, he's an Angel, so maybe there's something we aren't getting. So, to sum it all up, Kawarou is either 1) Gay 2) Bisexual 3) An Angel who speaks oddly. Or, to quote reader Ericaso81, "Here is how I see it. First off, Shinji is just a confused little boy who had a rough childhood, he is trying desperately to throw off the emotional shackles that his childhood had wrought upon him. In order to do this he would need to transcend childhood and become a man. He knew deep down that this is what he needed to do, however he had a hard time letting go of his past, he clung to that forlorn hope that somehow his childhood could be redeemed, hence his fantasy in the last episode. When the final angel came to earth, Kawarou, he was more than just an angel but a reflection of the child within Shinji. Kawarou announcing his love for Shinji was in a way, metaphoric belaying Shinji's connection and unwillingness to let go of his childhood, and perhaps the most volatile of symbolisms is when Shinji destroys Kawarou with his own hands, symbolizing Shinji letting go and destroying his childhood, turning to face manhood. It is important to keep in mind the general conveyances of the Holy Bible when analyzing the so called mysteries of Eva. As the story is richly biblical in nature, a greater understanding of Christian understanding will breed a better understanding of the show and its varying symbolisms. For example, do you know what the angels
really were? And why there were 17? At any rate, there is my theory on why Kawarou was so, um, fruity, for lack of a better word. Peace out! Oh yeah, Xenogears rules!

WHAT HAPPENED TO ASUKA'S MOM?: Went crazy and hung herself. Duuuuuhh!

WHAT HAPPENED TO RITSUKO'S MOM?: After discovering that Rei was a clone of Gendou's wife Yui, Rei was strangled. She then commits suicide and throws herself several floors down, to land on the Magi computers.

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