I've been doing stuff to the site, I just don't get around to updating the news page. There's a new link to the Danger Strangers, and a whole bunch of Europe photos. And a Percy page, in the making. Some other stuff to. Toodles.

It really hasn't been three months without updates- just without updates to the news section. Um, I've got an AOL website too now, it's more of an online journal than anything else. Look at it here. There's also a section for scanned photos and crap. It just sorta made sense to make one. Mostly, they're of the Show Choir crew, but more are on the way. Please sign the guestbook. Pleeeeease.

I always say I'm going to add stuff, but I never get around to it. I changed the main page image, now it's just one big one instead of a couple small ones. And there's a new guestbook, as the other one sucked. Pleeeeeeease sign. I'm desperate.

There's a cool page on the bizarre game Toki, and a bizarre page on the cool game Samurai Pizza Cats. It gets really messed up in the middle of making it, so for the record, no, I am not on crack.

I wrote up a page celebrating Jeff Rovin, the genius behind How to Win at Nintendo Games 1-God Knows How Many. Spread the word, maybe he'll look at this page someday. And maybe, just maybe, I will be granted an interview.

After many, many months, I finally redid the Evangelion menu page. No longer is it the "THIS IS THE EVA INTERSECTION CHOOSE YOUR PATH" message written in glaring colors, but a page which sticks to the sites "feel" more, i.e., the colors are darker. And the monster of a GIF on that page- 783 bytes! Ay caramba. And I redid the Rom Hacking page, because I no longer liked the know-it-all sense I wrote the beginning in. Boo yeah.

Yep, it's been quite a while. The site has a new name: NEStea Mix. This shows that yes, this site is mostly about the NES and it's games. BUT, there's some other stuff thrown in too, such as anime and music (One of each on the way... GSC and Beasties...) Peace out, y'all.

Big old update, yeaaaaaaah! New pages for individual NES games, Rampage and Excitebike to start. As you saw, an awesome image map for the Main page, thank you very much. I ripped most of the graphics from a menu screen in Overlord. I made the buttons, such as Eva, NES, etc., myself. It's an image map, I'm not kidding.

I've done a lot, but just haven't put it down in the news. Well, I put up the 10 Worst NES Games section, along with a Lost Transformer Episode Guide. You should check em both out, good stuff. I pretty much gave up on saying what I plan on making next, as it just never happens. I'll just notify the new sections in here when I'm done. There's a new guestbook and counter... please sign. Really. Please. I plan on joining a whole lot of webrings, as I really need to reach the 5000+ mark I had before I moved to Xoom... I know, I know, I'm a cheap bastard.

Moved the whole operation to Xoom,, so I can FTP stuff a little faster. A new counter and guestbook, but that's the only big change.

More Links, and I also put up a page on stuff I like. Why? Because I said so, dammit.

Links page updated, fixed the mailing address on the menu. Short 'n sweet.

Okay, we have a new image map(Which looks distorted on my browser)and some MIDI files. I'm working on the banner, and I'm going to get the NES and Eva sections updated soon, I hope.

Awww yeah, I'm back, and with a new name. I've added a Review Station for the popular emulators, and the NES reviews are nearing completion. I'm no longer, but

I'm a little rusty on the HTML, but I should pick up soon. You all can expect a new graphic for the front page, updated Eva section, a new logo (Not like the other one was any good), and, by popular demand, the return of the MIDIs, Eva and otherwise.