God bless really small paint editors from Cnet.com. This new one I get makes the sizes about half as large as Image Composer and Paint Shop, which totally rocks out. Anyways, I threw some more up for you, like a couple sample campaign advertisements I made for my run at Class President of the Sophomore/Junior class (I was successful, if you're wondering.)

Europe Trip
Myself getting some disco action
Michelle trying on her bathing suit... over clothes
Me sleeping
Some cute ladies I picked up at JFK
The handcuff incident
These kind souls released me from my bondage
I haven't heard of the 'USA Super Cup' in football, but...
The whole gang
Chris getting crazy with the luggage carrier
Michelle's lady bug hamburger
Group shot at the beach
That messy Mattclem
Group shot in Venice
Me and the pigeons
Rumble in the hotel room
Trying on leather goods
Ryan looking sophisticated... and older
Mel B. and Sam at the disco
Shane and I... having relations... or something
Mmmmmm, canole...
Mmmmmm, more canole...

Jesse: "Do you guys need any more soda?"
Nick, Sarah, Marcus, and someone's hands at a Kestigian shindig
Sexy Sarah
Nick, Sarah, and Heather, same party
The Colonel's chicken is found even in the Canadian wilderness
As treasurer, I want to let you all know that Jesse paid his class dues
Sound booth guys, slacking off
Stop nocturnal enuresis
Kestigian for President 2002
Kestigian for President 2002, part two
Kestigian for President 2002, part three
Kestigian for President 2002, part four
Kestigian for President 2002, part five
Show Choir/Roxbury
Picture of the whole Show Choir bus
Nick brushing his teeth in hotel room
Extreme close-up of Eric
Nick and Sarah in Times Square
Second Class Citizens: Pit Band et al. loading the truck
Matt trying to earn some cash in Times Square
Seth stunned by a camera flash in auditorium
Photo of all Show Choir girls, Heather S. acting vulgar
Ryan and Derek acting retarded
Bryson and friends outside the Metropolitan Museum of Art
Back o' Bus Crew 1: Matt, Eric, Kristen, and myself
Back o' Bus Crew 2: Heather, Eric, Sarah, and me
Eric and Nick, practicing hard
Seth napping at Roxbury
Sarah taking a picture of me taking a picture of her
Throwdown in Eric's room- our version of a senior party
Nate rocking out with the Yamaha
Sarah kicking my ass following a "cheap hussy" comment
Matt's requisite incriminating evidence pic of Eric
Danielle brings home the gold