-Aha! Noble is art of sumo, I welcome to page! Codeman empathy Samurai Pissa Cats, nice! I assist reviewer do Samurai Pissa Cats. I anjoy pizza, and you? Look below for starting!

Shut up and get back in your box, Sumo Wrestler. You come out ONLY when I say to come out, understand?


Samurai Pizza Cats

Cats who fear nothing
Battling giant penguins
You make us so proud.

A Samurai Pizza Cats Haiku

Before I begin, I'd like to start by telling you this page will be slightly different from the other NES games on my website. I will be including a guest to help me on this page, as it seems to be the cool thing to do nowadays. And since this wonderful game comes from the Land of the Rising Sun, I chose a very special guest- Sumo Wrestler, star of Sumo Wrestling. Perfect english spoken by he, yes yes? I won't be using him too much, as he is pretty irritating to listen to. As long as I am here, this page will at least try to make sense.

Samurai Pizza Cats is based on an anime of the same name- I think. Since my worldly languages can be used in all of France and Canada, I played through this wonderful game totally in the dark about the story, character development, etc. However, by using my advanced high school logic, I bring to you a near perfect depiction of game events.


Our tale begins in a city, and a penguin or something shows up. He's really big and stuff, and then the game starts. Uh, I think I'll just show some characters now.

This cute thing gives you a continue screen, options, and even passwords. I guess that makes her a sassy passy lassy, get it? (Note from Tripod: The Asinine Pun Gestapo have just executed The Codeman, who was on probation.)
-Ah, now leader is I! Make proud of you, Codeman, no despair for death. Game from land of me, I easily do page.


Penguin is bringer of but pestilence. Seek destruction of land. Evil. Samurai Pizza Cats bravely attacking, free planet. Go SPC go! For the fight!
Hero is cat of white. Also blue and girl, unshown here. Penguin destruction is bring by he. Welcome to page, says he. Wait, hold, no go, stay! Tripod man here, no! (Note from Tripod: The following dialog is from a recent meeting at Tripod HQ, in Webster, MA.)
"Mr. Togo, I'm sure that you are well aware of our current predicament. A certain web page located in sector X-14. We have already taken the liberty of executing The Codeman, but a new force has arisen- Sumo Wrestler. He has been breaking Section 4.1.3 of the User Agreement- no Japanese translation sterotypes, including, but not limited to, wrestlers of the Sumo nature. I take it you understand what to do, eh Togo? You will be fully reimbursed, have no fear, for Tripod has some very deep pockets."
"I'm already involved in another assignment. I do not need your money."
"Perhaps a screaming orgasm is more to your liking?"
Brown of cat is sandy. Digger to many new ones. Strenght of mole and quick of fox, make good warrior of new. Wait... red lights on head no like... what be... BLAM.


Uhn... no... stop... blackness..

Note from the Tripod Man:So sorry that the Samurai Pizza Cats page was never completed. What was done needed to be done; I have no regrets. The page will remain as-is"