You probably already know by now that you can download and play NES games on your PC/Mac. Keeping the Emulator "hardware" (Such as Nesticle or Nofrendo) is perfectly legal. However, it is against the law to download the "software" (The ROMs) that you do not own the cartridge for. I personally have nothing against downloading ROMs, especially since I had no way to find any NES cartridges until recently. But, downloading them is breaking the law, so be reasonable. And besides, it just isn't the same playing the games on a computer as the old NES. I do not offer any ROMs here anymore, but you might find some on the Links page. The following is a few Emus that are the most common. If you don't have one already, you may want to pick one up.





NESticle is my personal favorite Emu. There are a whole lot of features in this sucker; it even supports Netplay for 2 player games. You can save up to 10 different save game files per game, and NESticle supports nearly all of the games you can find. The only ones which do not work for me have been the Wizdom Tree games (Like Sunday Funday.) Also, NESticle will only play .nes files, while other emu's allow you to use multiple file extensions. Since the majority of Roms out there are .nes, it really isn't a huge problem. It's really speedy, too. On my P200, nearly every game plays with a rocksteady 60fps. If you have a slow machine, don't worry, you can have the game skip frames to speed up performance. The only problem is that the sound sucks when you do skip frames. All in all, a wonderful program and a must-have.

Pros: Cons:
Easy to use Not all games work
Good graphics and sound Some mapper problems
Fairly fast Risqué title and icon





iNES is a big waste of money. The speed of the games is mediocre, and the sound is horrendous. Also, the sound of the games are horrendous. However, iNES does emulate a huge number of mappers, allowing you to play a bunch of different games. All in all, not a very good deal. If you didn't have to pay to register it, this might have been good for any non-Windows users. Save the money and go to FuncoLand to get a system and 10 games.

Pros: Cons:
Good Mapper support Having to register it
Multiple platform versions Horrible sound
  Pretty high system requirements